New Boulder Police Chief for Critical Stakeholders

City officials also are preparing a survey to be sent to “critical stakeholders” in the community, and a recruitment brochure and website are in the making, Rivera-Vandermyde said.

“You are all a part of those critical stakeholders,” Rivera-Vandermyde said to the panel. “We’re also going to be soliciting input from other community organizations as well as faith leaders in our community, critical stakeholders that police interact with across the community, really soliciting inputs on candidate desired characteristics.”

Boulder Daily Camera, April 17, 2024

Who are the Critical Stakeholders?

The Boulder Police Department is about to undergo another change. I have been following along with their story the last few years because of my interest in the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case.

Maybe it is just what I see, or maybe it is just a coincidence but it seems like the path the JBR investigation has taken in the last year or so is corelated somehow to the disciplinary changes that have occured in the Boulder Police Department; since they harrassed the Naropa student in his own yard, picking up trash with a poke-stick. And, changes were made.

Last year, about the time BPD convened with the State Cold Case Team to explore the possibilities of solving the Case, Colorado experienced a fall from grace of our top CBI Forensic DNA Lab Analyst who admittedly had a tolerance for error in her work, covered it up for many years; and, a scandal seems to have unfolded.

If the evidence has been tainted such that it no longer has evidentiary value, will JonBenet and her Family still be considered Stakeholders under the New Police Chief & POP? Will they consider the Ramseys, as the victims they are and solve this case? Will they at least make an effort to end the hateful online conversation?

Will they give Justice for JonBenet a chance?



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  1. Thanks for the write-up. I wonder who the city considers to be “critical stakeholders.”

    1. I think the Critical Stakeholders are the members of the Police Oversight Panel. I can’t really tell if they are open to public opinion or not. Maybe the Ramseys should write them a letter.

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