DNA Testing Misconduct

No where else has anyone explained this subject matter so well. This series of videos, a podcast by Hidden Killers with Tony Brueski questions and explains the DNA misconduct matter of Missy Woods with Dan Krane, PhD. as his Qualified Guest. Krane does an excellent job of explaining the errors that caused the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic DNA Laboratory to come to a standstill late last year. Apparently, Missy Woods did not appreciate the value of Positive, Negative, and Reagent Controls in the testing process. an essential element of DNA Test Kits; and therefore, results may be unreliable in 652 cases between 2008-2023. Cases between 1994-2007 are being evaluated now for Phase 2 of the CBI Comprehensive Audit.

Controls are used as mechanisms to validate results, and recognize, and eliminate, contamination from samples. And, while it does not yet appear Woods “dry-labbed”, or fabricated profiles (as decribed in the first video); however, it does look like she faked it when it came to implementing the Control Data, and she may have even manipulated file-creation dates.

Oh dear. The JonBenet Ramsey Case DNA Data spans both time periods, and may or may not be compromised. I think it depends on the availability of source data to determine the extent of the damages. But the fact that the two most significant tests were conducted elsewhere than CBI – by the Denver Crime Lab (the UM1 profile), and Bode Labs (the discovery of the UM1 profile on the long johns). That can only be a good thing and may have kept Missy Woods from tampering with those tests. Time will tell the story.

Please enjoy and learn from these informative videos by Tony Brueski :

Dan Krane On A Forensic Scandal Exposed

This episode discusses the allegations against Missy and explains the nature of the misconduct as well as the implications to those wrongfully convicted. Testing Controls are essential for Integrity of the Data and perhaps psychologically speaking, Missy Woods felt pressure to return favorable results quickly and rationalized the removing or replacing failed controls.

Exposing Forensic Flaws, A Deep Dive into DNA Misconduct

This episode delves into the nature of testing misconduct and its impact on legal outcomes. Krane himself has directly encountered Missy Woods in Court proceedings and he speaks with knowledge and experience. Woods’ conduct requires reevaluation of all the cases she tested; currently the audit appears to be structured in 2 phases: 652 cases between 2008-2023, as yet undetermined number of cases between 1994-2007.

The Forensic Fumble, A Glimpse into DNA’s Dark Side

Because Woods was a supervisor, her behavior might have become systemic, as she influenced others who developed ethical blindspots without recognizing the implications of taking shortcuts. There was also a failure in oversight and peer review. Krane criticizes defense attorneys for not understanding DNA Evidence and challenging it more often in Court; Lab Analysts underestimate defense engagement. Any one of Missy’s mistakes would have been caught had the defence looked into what the reports actually said, much like looking at the Bode Lab Reports.

The Illusion of Objectivity, Bias in the DNA Lab

Bias is common in the labs due to analysts often knowing too much hearsay and/or case-related information. Sometimes the economic motivation for analysts is that the job is more thrilling than the paycheck, that is, unless of course you can make it on TV. But also, analysts consider themselves as part of the Prosecution Team and their attitude slowly erodes in that direction; I mean, they might make judgement calls that favor the prosecution’s narrative over the truth.

Forensic Faux Pas, Dan Krane Unravels DNA Testing Misconduct

Defense Attorneys place blind trust in lab results so there is a need for external reviews. Most Lawyers don’t understand math and science so that becomes an deeper issue between Justice and Science; perhaps it can be a catalyst for change.

The scandal of Missy Woods and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has hopefully sparked the changes necessary to get back to normal operations for the Forensic Labs in Colorado. However, before watching this series of videos, I was at a loss in understanding how it came about. Now I know.

I can’t help but think the delay in IGG testing for the JonBenet Ramsey case has been caused by the Missy Woods scandal. It only stands to reason based on the timing of events as reported in the Daily Camera. The last I heard, the Interim Police Chief Redfearn said they promised John Ramsey they would do the testing when better technology became available, and they will do it then.

I’ll wait. I’ve waited 27 years already.


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