JonBenet Ramsey Murder

time takes everything but the truth

Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Boulder County, Colorado

a passion for the Cora Files…

a Team of Professionals takes charge

Lou Smit’s True Detective Creed

Items considered for DNA Testing

the Strangest in History

the Coroner’s Findings

a collection of supporting documents

the UM1 Profile

  • Unknown Male One – JBR Case File
  • found co-mingled w/JBR blood on panties
  • discovered by Dr. Gregg LaBerge DPD Lab 2003
  • entered into CODIS January 2004 by LaBerge
  • additional instances of UM1 found by Bode 2008

the Stun Gun

  • JonBenet suffered patterned injuries on her back & face
  • Drive-Stun Wounds match Air-Taser Weapon Prongs
  • BPD claims distances don’t match
  • Comparing the Weapon to the Wounds shows otherwise

Dr. Michael Doberson, Medical Examiner, Arapahoe County (retired) concluded, to a reasonable degree of medical certainty, that the patterned injuries are most consistent with the application of a Stun Gun.

the Crime Scene

  • Surveys of Record compiled to depict layout of the Block
  • Historical Aerial Photos of Ramsey House
  • Detailed Floor Plan overlays with Crime Scene Notes

The Boulder Police Department & the Colorado Cold Case Team in late 2023 reviewed the JBR Case to consider the possibility of Investigative Genetic Genealogy testing (IGG). The results of their review are unclear due to the simultaneous exposure of misconduct by Colorado Bureau of Investigation DNA Analyst, Yvonne “Missy” Woods. The CBI Forensic Lab appears to be at a stand-still until the findings of an Accreditation Audit are complete. BPD was given a list of “action items” to work on until another review.

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