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Last night on the websleuths channel Carol McKinley appeared for an interview as field producer for the 20/20 show that aired last Friday. 

Something new: A source told Carol McKinley that there was a pair of balled up underwear that was soaked with urine that had been thrown behind a chair in JBR’s room. Did not say if they were found wet or dry. She and Lou Smit went round about this as he did not believe there was urine on JBRs sheets. But she said opening the evidence bag smelled of putrid ammonia. No indication of who the source was.

Carol McKinley said Dr Lucy Rorke, who was called in for the Grand Jury believes JBR was hit on the head first and her head wound wasn’t as bad as we have been led to believe and She may have survived with medical care. This contradicts the “red before dead” theory put forth by Whitson that JB strangulation produced red marks indicating that she was alive and not unconscious from the head blow. I don’t know about surviving that injury. And that lack of bleeding in the brain makes sense to me that it was the last horrific thing the perpetrator did.

Carol McKinley also was told that there is not enough DNA for genealogical or familial DNA testing. This doesn’t make sense to me because everything I have read about familial testing indicates they have at least enough profile to relax the stringency standards in CODIS in search of a partial match to a relative. Perhaps it depends on the results of the Y-STR.

As far as genealogy testing we just don’t know what we don’t know but I wish they would tell us. However, it does occur to me that they might be keeping quiet on this so as not to tip off the intruder that they are on to something. That was something Alex Hunter said in not wanting to be deposed for Burke’s lawsuit.

Tricia Griffith is all about Patsy writing the Ransom Note. Several times in the episode she shook her hands in the air proclaiming “Patsy wrote the Note!”. And would go to say that once you reconcile yourself with that “truth” all the other stuff falls into place. A few times Carol McKinley questioned how Patsy could write the note after horribly killing her daughter. And each time Tricia Griffith said I’ll tell you why. Patsy only cared about appearances. She would do anything to protect her image. And she was also very dramatic and such drama filtered through to the note. Of course she bases her analysis on Cina Wong who is not qualified as an expert under the Daubert Standard for Court testimony.

Carol McKinley also said John Andrew is a really nice guy. And Trisha Griffitn said he may be a nice guy but extremely immature because JAR blocked her from his twitter and called her a troll. You go JAR. She is actively discouraging any attempt to solve this case.

Yesterday before the broadcast I got this message from websleuths…

Websleuths – Error: You have been banned for the following reason: Until the Ramsey’s are cleared we do not allow IDI therios

Snap. You would think when banning someone they might actually spell it right but regardless, I thought I was having a couple of meaningful conversations regarding the intruder with these new documentaries. I was hoping for some allowed discussion. I’ve never disliked websleuths even though I think it is a rather circular gabfest often lacking in facts. And then there is the fact that she offered safe haven for years to a pedophile pornographer aka David Hughes/SuperDave who would also discuss his outrageous RDI theories while she promoted his ridiculous book. I guess she is narrow-minded and can’t see the folly of her own ways. Yes Tricia, there is evidence of an intruder.

Once I made that first intruder comment, I was asked some insightful questions by other users and nobody seem all that upset. Maybe some of them want to express their thoughts and ideas too. But I am left with a nagging question. How can the Ramseys be cleared if IDI discussion is not allowed?

Please help solve by keeping the discussion of solving this crime alive. Thank you.

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