Let’s talk about Bob and the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

  • Bob is a psychopath who committed at least 23 rapes or attempted rapes, with 20 of those cases occurring in Boulder during the early 1990s.
  • Bob entered homes during the night and attacked victims in their sleep.
  • Bob entered homes to case them, returning later to commit rapes. Bob used a variety of methods to commit his rapes. He stalked victims for his residential rapes. These cases occurred prior to DNA testing in Colorado, but several cigarette butts were located outside victims homes, indicating someone (Bob) spent hours watching the victim’s homes. Bob was a heavy cigarette smoker. The Ramsey’s neighbor reported someone was trespassing in their backyard shed and leaving cigarette butts.
  • Sometimes Bob brought binding materials to tie victims, but other times he used materials found at the victim’s residence.
  • Bob used a variety of binding materials to tie victims, including white cord and packing tape.
  • Bob threatened victims, saying he would “knock them out,” or “kill them with a knife.”
  • Bob participated in bondage.
  • Bob raped adult and juvenile females.
  • Bob entered homes to commit rapes, knowing more than one person was inside.
  • Bob owned a cattle prod.
  • Bob used a handgun in at least one rape.
  • Bob was a rock climber and owned climbing ropes.
  • Bob was a house painter.
  • Bob performed oral sex on some victims.
  • During an 18 month period Bob rented over 200 movies.
  • Bob hid his car for three months and did not drive it until it was painted a different color.
  • Bob collected fur from wild animals.
  • Bob was addicted to meth and became violent when using meth.

Bob is merely one possible suspect in JonBenet Ramsey’s murder. Lou Smit identified other possible suspects. Bob’s psychopathic behaviors and characteristics, which were demonstrated during his series of rapes, match the psychopathic behaviors displayed during JonBenet’s murder. Bob’s addiction to methamphetamine may have intensified his violence to the point he murdered JonBenet. The question I have asked throughout this book is, “What kind of person kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and murdered JonBenet Ramsey?”

The answer is a sadistic psychopath.

Whitson, Robert A. Ph.D. InJustice: Why JonBenet Ramsey was Murdered by a Sadisistic Psychopath – Not her Parents, pg 141

Bob is supposedly Schwinaman who has been eliminated as a suspect according to this


but he is only one suspect of many; there are others like him; the intruder is like him.

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