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A poster sent me this message earlier…

Idk, the way you’re communicating makes it seem like you know something I don’t and I’m here to get as much info as possible. Build a bridge with me here. In the context of discussing the grand jury ruling you said you are from the Boulder area and know for a fact that the GJ didn’t think BDI. That makes it sound like you’re privy to info the rest of us don’t have and I’m not trying to be a dick when I ask what it is. Legally we don’t know what the grand jury thought Burke’s involvement was (if any) bc he was 9 when the murder was committed. But Boulder is a small town and people talk so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone from the area had GJ info that hasn’t been mentioned online yet.

I have come to know some truths about this case just from living in Boulder all this time and knowing people close to the investigation, some closer than others. A friend of mine is now retired but held a high ranking BPD Administrative position at the time of the murder, and I have no reason not to believe her. She and BPD believed Patsy was crazy, histrionic, and out of touch with reality, which explains the bizarre ramblings of the ransom note and summarizes the groupthink mentality that BPD became. From sources inside BPD, BDA, Social Services and the Courts, Burke was not the focus of the Grand Jury proceedings. And for those that think he would have not faced charges due to his age, if Social Services had any suspicions of Burke being involved in JonBenet’s death, he would have been taken into custody and placed in a Residential Treatment Facility under constant observation until they deemed him suitable to return to his family. Plus, the family’s wealth would be all the more reason for an adjudication such as this because the State would have been able to charge the family around $30k a month for “healing Burke”. I would think Boulder officials would have been more than willing to resolve such a tragic situation in this way had they any indication Burke killed his sister. Plus this would have been the money solution for wealthy parents of extreme juvenile delinquency.

The Grand Jury Child Abuse indictments were documented by JonBenet’s provocative behavior in videos, photo shoots, beauty pageants and parade floats. Shocking sexual behavior for a five year old beginning with the Christmas Lights Parade of 1995 when my friend observed her behavior in person. She has felt traumatized by it ever since. She is a Boulder native and won’t go to the parade anymore. She says little girls don’t act in the seductive way JB did unless they are abused and Patsy was abusive. Paula Woodward actually confirmed this in the Smit Documentary by saying about the Ramseys and the Grand Jury… “the photos, videos, and pageants became the criminal record they didn’t have”. Essentially, an attempt to criminalize parent pageantry.

The makeup and hair dye. Plus the dancing and booty moves. I have to admit the costumes and perhaps JB’s behavior were excessive. But, I’m not convinced it warrants criminal charges because no one can actually describe how JonBenet was killed. And, Patsy’s pageantry, it is not entirely unlike many fathers who attempt to provide a sports career for their young sons with talent. I mean, such big time pressure gets carried away much like Earl Woods did with Tiger, and without realizing the long term consequences that were later exposed in Tiger’s life. However, they believed Patsy was abnormal. This was about the best evidence BPD could take to the Grand Jury after Thomas quit the investigation and the Governor pressured Alex Hunter into hiring Mike Kane as Special Prosecutor.

BPD thinks they have a victory in the Grand Jury Indictments, but they don’t take the DNA seriously and about the time the Grand Jury was disbanded the real DNA STR testing had just begun. But, it’s the same old story of the War Room like back in the early days when the DA’s office and BPD could not seem to find the leadership needed to solve the crime and BPD would not acknowledge any advances made in the investigation by the DA’s office and that includes most of the touch DNA evidence.

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